Our Team

The JUSTLISTENPROJECT will be produced by the award-winning science nerds and IMAX audio geeks at Foxfire Interactive and Masters Digital, with guidance from a distinguished scientific advisory board and collaborations with prestigious educational institutions.

Dame Evelyn Glennie playing drums

Grammy Award-winner Eveyln Glennie gives a smashing performance at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Dame Evelyn Glennie - Narrator and Performer

“First and foremost I am a sound creator. Everything I do is derived from sound in spite of my profound deafness. I strive to explore every sound avenue and surface including design, technology and physicality. I enjoy the challenge of creating a ‘no-fuss’ approach and relish the idea of building a global legacy brand that will live long after I have departed the stage.”

“The moment I learned about the incredible science in the JUSTLISTENPROJECT, I knew I had to be involved. I am really quite fascinated by echo-locating bats and dolphins and have always wondered how sound affects the brain.”

Listen to Evelyn’s performance at the Opening Ceremonies
of the 2012 Olympics

Learn more about Evelyn

Seth Horowitz, Brad Lisle, and Dame Evelyn Glennie

Left to right: science advisor Seth Horowitz, producer Brad Lisle, and Dame Evelyn Glennie after a successful 3D test shoot in Vancouver

Foxfire Interactive Corp. - Brad Lisle, Co-Producer

Foxfire Interactive is media production company that specializes in science and medical education. The company was founded in 2000 by award-winning interactive producer and former science museum educator, Brad Lisle. Brad has a passion for making science exciting and understandable to audiences worldwide and his company brings together a highly creative and experienced group of interactive media professionals. Clients include some of the world’s foremost teaching hospitals, educational institutions, and biopharmaceutical companies. In addition to the JUSTLISTENPROJECT, Foxfire is developing the 3D film, Game Changers, which explores how advances in biomedicine are changing the world of sports.

Tim Archer

Tim Archer - Sound guru who can often be found mixing in an IMAX theater when everyone else is asleep.

Masters Digital, Inc. - Tim Archer, Co-Producer

For many years, Masters Digital has been a leader in audio production for both giant screen films and themed attractions, from multi-channel location recording, through sound design to final mix. Because of the unique speaker locations and the differences in the acoustical environments, company president, Tim Archer, has created ways to make mixing on site viable and economical, ensuring the highest quality finished product. For over 20 years Archer has focused predominantly on audio design for giant screen films including: Africa the Serengeti, India Kingdom of the Tiger, Ride Around the World, and BUGS! 3D. The company has received MPSE “Golden Reel” Awards for such projects as Santa vs. the Snowman (O Entertainment), The Human Body (BBC Large Format) and Pirates (SimEx! Iwerks).

Sean White

Sean White - Outside Magazine’s Top 10 Adventure Filmmaker

Sean White - Director / Cinematographer

Sean White is an award-winning documentary film director and cinematographer whose assignments and personal projects have led him to over 50 countries on seven continents. From fascinating science and engineering stories to extreme sports, remote cultures and natural history, Sean embraces his subjects with passion and wonder. His work is internationally acclaimed for its exceptional storytelling and unique visual style. Credits include National Geographic Channels International, Discovery Channel, History Television, and BBC Worldwide.

Rich Swietek

After college, Rich faced a major decision. Join the circus as “Tiny” the clown? Or go into advertising and entertain people with ideas?

Friendly Giant Marketing - Rich Swietek,
Promoter of the Giant Screen

Rich’s work has received accolades from the International Advertising Festivals, One Show, New York Art Director’s Club, EFFIE Awards, New England’s Hatch Awards and Telly Awards. Clients include: Boston Harbor Cruises, Boston’s Museum of Science, Connecticut Science Center, Giant Screen Cinema Association, National Geographic Entertainment, and the New England Aquarium and its Simons IMAX Theatre. In 2001 he helped found Rattle Advertising, one of Boston Business Journal’s Top 25 agencies.

Seth Horowitz, PhD

“What is it about the sound
of fingernails on a chalkboard
that makes us cringe?”

Seth Horowitz, PhD - Neuroscientist / Science Advisor

Seth S. Horowitz is auditory neuroscientist with a Masters in Psychology and PhD in neuroscience from Brown University. He has worked and published in comparative and human hearing, balance and sleep research. His research has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, The Deafness Foundation, and NASA. He has lectured in undergraduate and graduate classes in animal behavior, neuroethology, brain development, the biology of hearing, and the musical mind. As Chief Neuroscientist at NeuroPop, Inc., he has applied his basic research skills to real world applications ranging from health and wellness to educational science outreach. His work has been covered in popular media including NPR’s Hear and Now and All Things Considered, the Boston Globe, Wired.com and numerous other online and print publications. His book “The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind” published by Bloomsbury was released in September 2012 and has received critical acclaim by Publisher’s Weekly and Nature.

Hear Seth’s recent interview on NPR

Learn more about his book at Amazon.com

Bryan C. Pijanowski, PhD

“We’re trying to understand how sounds can be used as measures of ecosystem health.”

Bryan C. Pijanowski, PhD - Soundscape Ecologist/Science Advisor

A new field of biology called soundscape ecology has scientists recording all the sounds in a given habitat and listening for patterns and changes. Professor Bryan Pijanowski is spearheading this new field from Purdue University. Soundscape ecology integrates principles from landscape ecology, bioacoustics, acoustic ecology (such as data sonification), psychoacoustics and noise control. Bryan is working with academic colleagues around the world to move this field forward via the development of new acoustic recording technologies, database management systems, spectral analysis tools, cross ecosystem soundscape studies. Bryan received his PhD in Zoology from Michigan State University and his BS in Biology from Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

Purdue Soundscape Ecology Project

The VHS Collaborative. One Click. One World. Infinite Possibilities. Perkins School For the Blind.

The JUSTLISTENPROJECT is working closely with the VHS Collaborative and Perkins School for the Blind (where Helen Keller attended) to develop a 3 week course on the science of sound for the visually impaired.

Our theater advisors are helping us to shape the film and advising on an interactive experience about soundscape ecology.