Sound Bites

Perdue University - Connecticut Science Center - Imagine, Discover, Explore
Science of Sound - Interactive Theater Series Announced at Giant Screen Cinema Association Conference

Brad Lisle and Tim Archer | September 20, 2012

The producers of the Just Listen Project proudly announced the Science of Sound - Interactive Theater Series at the GSCA conference in Sacramento.

Module 1 will explore basic acoustics and soundscape ecology and align with NextGen standards. This module will feature the streaming of live soundscapes from a Costa Rican rainforest into giant screen theaters worldwide.

Collaborators include Purdue University and the Connecticut Science Center.

Seth Horowitz
NPR Interview with Seth Horowitz - Just Listen Project’s Senior Science Advisor

National Public Radio | September 7, 2012

Just Listen Project’s Senior Science Advisor, Seth Horowitz, tells NPR that sound is a sense that’s always “on” - and we take it for granted. He says it developed to trigger deeply-held emotions.  Listen ››

National Geographic IMAX Theatre, Victoria, BC
What Theaters are Saying

National Geographic IMAX Theatre Victoria, BC | August 16, 2012

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial to confirm our interest and support in the development of the Just Listen IMAX film.

As a reputable exhibitor in our marketplace, and within the Royal BC Museum, our audiences have come to expect high quality large format films that can be shown on one of the largest IMAX screens in Western Canada. The Just Listen Project has the right balance of entertainment and education to make the film successful and to enable it to fit within our core film mandate.

Just Listen has the content to enlighten and amaze audiences and the potential to generate positive word of mouth reviews. With a mix of science, music and sound it will appeal to school groups as well as the general public and will serve to inspire and entertain audiences of all ages. We offer our endorsement of the Just Listen film and look forward to its continued development and ultimately its public release date.

- Paul Wild, Theatre Director

The Universal Sense - How Hearing Shapes The Mind
New book by Seth Horowitz - Just Listen Project’s
Senior Science Advisor

Bloomsbury | July 9, 2012

For the past few years, Seth Horowitz has kindly advised on content for our IMAX film. Now he’s written a book: The Universal Sense. This book has received rave reviews from Nature and Publishers Weekly. It’s a popular science examination about how sound and hearing has influenced the human (and non-human) mind, through evolution, development and daily function. From bat biosonar to advertising, from frog calling to sonic weapons, The Universal Sense explores how sound shapes our world.  Learn More ››

Dame Evelyn Glennie playing drums
Opening Ceremony of the Olympics Games - London, UK

The Los Angeles Times | July 28, 2012

Celebrated percussionist Evelyn Glennie, led 1,000 volunteer drummers as factory smokestacks burst through the greenery. If imagery ripped from the Industrial Revolution doesn’t exactly scream “let the Games begin,” the sheer rhythmic pulse of the moment was hard to resist.  Listen ››

Houston Museum of Natural Science
What Theaters are Saying

Houston Museum of Natural Science | May 10, 2012

The Just Listen film provides the perfect recipe for fun and education! It is sure to entertain and enlighten our audience. We look forward to a film that unlocks the mysteries of sound... and inspires interest in STEM.

-Charlotte Brohi, VP IMAX Operations and Production

Science World British Columbia
What Theaters are Saying

Science World, Vancouver, BC | April 12, 2012

Music, sound, and science are an explosive combination for giant screen theatres. Audiences around the world will love Evelyn Glennie and the film’s incredible acoustic tales. They will never use their ears in the same way ever again.

-Ingrid Lae, Manager IMAX Theatres Operations

Dame Evelyn Glennie
Deaf Percussionist Bangs the Drum in 3D Film about Science of Sound | January 8, 2012

As the world’s foremost percussionist she has performed with symphony orchestras and the cast of Sesame Street, but now Dame Evelyn Glennie is set to hit the big screen. The Grammy Award-winning instrumentalist is to star in a 3D film which will be shown in cinemas around the globe.  Learn More ››