3D Giant Screen / IMAX® Film Overview

Just Listen 3D will be the first film in the giant screen format to explore the science of sound. The film will be distributed to science museums and 3D TV channels worldwide.

The film follows Grammy Award-winning percussionist Evelyn Glennie, who happens to be deaf, on an extraordinary scientific journey into the pulsating sounds of our planet:

  • Fly through the echolocation world of bats, swim with singing humpbacks,
    and decipher the language of the bottle-nose dolphin
  • Discover how sound affects our breathing, heart rate, and brain waves
  • Listen to the pulse of our earth with seismologists and soundscape ecologists
  • Explore the cultural diversity of human communication, music, and noise; hear Tuvan throat singers and the whistling language of the Canary Islands
A Fully Immersive 3d Experience Accompanied By Groundbreaking Sound Design, A Feast For Ears And Eyes

How do bats
locate their prey?


Do dolphins have
their own language?


How does sound
affect our brains?

Why Giant Screen / IMAX ?

The Giant Screen Experience:
Bigger, Bolder, Better

  • Giant, crystal clear images (8 stories high)
  • Superb sound (15,000 watts)
  • Audiences feel as if they are IN the movie

IMAX movies provide audiences with an immersive experience that makes them feel that they are in the movie—objects and environments seem to pop right off the screen and float above the audience’s heads. This immersive effect has significant impact on learning. A National Science Foundation funded study of giant screen films found that “viewing films significantly increases the science knowledge base of adults and students; improves interest in and attitudes toward science content; broadens viewers’ understanding of what scientists do; and positively impacts viewer’s actions after a museum visit.”